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New Legislation From 1 January 2022

From 1 January 2022, at the commencement of a new lease or lease renewal, you must ensure your dwelling / unit meets the requirements of the domestic smoke alarm legislation. This may involve installing interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms into the bedrooms in addition to the currently required smoke alarms. For further information Download the Community Safety Brochure below or check out the helpful links.

How do the new laws affect residential rental properties?

You are required to install smoke alarms in your rental property.
If your property is managed by an agent, they may be able to arrange for this to be done.

The minimum legal requirement is an alarm in accordance with the smoke alarm Australian Standard. This can be met by a 9v battery operated smoke alarm, with a one year battery.
However a good quality 10yr battery alarm or hardwired alarm is more reliable and may be more effective in the long term.

If a smoke alarm reaches the end of its service life, you must replace it immediately. You must Test and Clean each smoke alarm within 30 days before the start of a tenancy agreement. Your agent may be able to arrange this for you to ensure your legislative requirements are met.

In addition you must replace, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, each battery that is flat.
You must replace the smoke alarm unit before it reaches the end of its service life.

**Service life of unit is usually indicated by the warranty. Where notified by a tenant that a smoke alarm is not operating, you should have the smoke alarm checked by a competent professional.

To ensure compliance, if you are selling a property you will be required to lodge a from with the Queensland Land Registry stating that operational smoke alarms are installed in the property.

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Your landlord is only required by law to test and clean smoke alarms at the start of the tenancy. If the property is managed by an agent, they may arrange for this to be done.

You are required by law to test and clean smoke alarms in the
dwelling at least once every 12 months.

If you become aware that a smoke alarm in the rental property is not working other then because of the battery. You must advise the landlord or agent asap.

***Please Note that for public housing tenants the State government has already installed hardwired smoke alarms in all public housing.

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Where do you place Smoke Alarms?

The minimum smoke alarm requirements are the same as apply to new homes. There must be one alarm in each bedroom, one alarm in each hallway. one alarm in each living area with a minnimum of one alarm on each floor.

By January 2022 All Rental Homes in Queensland New or Old must meet this Requirement.
Note: All circuits need to be protected by a Safety Switch.

For increased protection QFRS recommends additional alarms be installed (for instance in children’s bedrooms).

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